Rumortoid: Mega Man 9 details

While the deluge of leaks flooding the internet thanks to Intellisponse’s poor security has been drawing everyone’s eyes, another possible leak has gone relatively unnoticed. AND IT’S ABOUT MEGA MAN 9 YEEEEEEEEEAH!

We’ve already heard about the game’s existence from our futuristic brother from another … species, Spacecat, and now word comes from a supposed Capcom beta tester — going by the moniker of “The Shadow” — that there will be some pretty awesome features.

  • Rockman 9 will feature a retro 8-bit art style, a homage to the earlier games.
  • Two playable characters: Rockman and Blues (ProtoMan). Each has their own unique storylines.
  • A popular belief is that RM9 will act as the ‘link’ to the events of the X Series. This is not so, The storyline DOES NOT lead into the X Series, rather it’s a ‘traditional’ plot.
  • Many new characters, new Robot Masters and maybe some new supporting characters.
  • Gameplay is reminiscent of Rockman 3-6.
  • Online components: Leader boards and some unknown form of online play
  • RM9 will be on all major home consoles: Wii, X360 and PS3. X360 and PS3 users will be able to purchase the game from their respective download services. It’s unknown how the Wii version will work, whether it will be a downloaded game or not.

The multiplayer and leaderboards bit might not be new, but it’s really reassuring to hear that Mega Man 9 will be revisiting the franchise’s more-than-solid gameplay roots — assuming this true. I’ve recently been playing through Mega Man Star Force and have been bored to tears. Not only was the difficulty seriously dumbed down, but the story and characters were totally forgettable. A revisitation to what made Mega Man great in the first place is exactly what the series (and players) needs, in my opinion.

Can I get a DO WANT?

Justin Villasenor