Rumortoid: Medal of Honor: Modern Warfare

What’s good enough for Activision is good enough for EA if gossip is to be believed. It’s being said that the next Medal of Honor game will be brought bang up to date with a foray into the realm of modern warfare.

According to rumors, Medal of Honor: Operation Anaconda will take players to Afghanistan in 2002 and be based around the real-life mission of the game’s name. The ill-fated mission saw a helicopter crash and a unit stranded in Taliban-filled mountains.

If this is true, then Medal of Honor has taken a turn for the controversial and this could certainly be a future hot-button topic. If MoH does what Call of Duty was afraid to do and set the game during a relevant, real-life modern conflict, then things could become very interesting indeed. Cue war widows screaming about how games are “making fun” of tragedy, even if the game doesn’t do that at all.

Jim Sterling