Rumortoid: Kingdom Hearts Coded coming to PSP?

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Normally I wouldn’t post a rumor which source seems simply to be “some Dutch guy,” but there is an element of logic which runs through this story making it worth considering.

The rumor from “some Dutch guy” is that Kingdom Hearts Coded, Square Enix’s mobile phone installment of the franchise, may enjoy a PlayStation Portable appearance. Coded is set after the events of Kingdom Hearts II and is a puzzle game with action elements. There is already a PSP game in the works, Birth By Sleep, as well as a planned DS title known as 358/2 Days.

So, why could a PSP port happen? Simply because it seems to be Squeenix’s Modus Operandi of late. Both Final Fantasy Agito XIII and 3rd Birthday were originally mobile-only games but they have since been announced for PSP. It’s fair to say a lot of us in the West don’t have phones capable of running the latest mobile games, so it would make sense to increase the potential consumer base with a PSP release. 

This is a very rumorrific rumortoid right now, but there is certainly solid thinking behind it.

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