Rumortoid: Killzone 3 and Killzone: Liberation 2 in the works? Also, DLC

With Killzone 2 having gone gold a while ago and prepped for launch this Friday, you can bet that Guerrilla is looking ahead to future projects. Dutch gaming magazine Power Unlimited claims to have the inside scoop on these projects, naming both Killzone 3 and a sequel to PSP exclusive Killzone: Liberation.

“There are still some Killzone games coming,” says the magazine. “The devs told the newspaper “de volkskrant” that they are already working on Killzone 3. It’s not a big suprise, but it’s nice to know. We’ve also heard that Killzone: Liberation 2 is being worked on and will come out in 2010. Then there’s the question what the third GG team is working on.”

Power Unlimited also touched up the notion of Killzone 2 DLC, hinting at the possibility of a full episode, which would be rather interesting stuff. 

We’re running this as a rumor, but the sheer notion of Guerrilla not making Killzone 3 is rather mad, considering the fact that it’s the PS3’s marquis title and already a huge success in the pre-order stakes. As for Liberation 2, I don’t think it did too badly, so it’s reasonable to assume we’ll see another. Episodic content is a little sketchier, but it’s definitely possible.

Also a spaceship. They’re making a big Killzone spaceship.

Jim Sterling