Rumortoid: John Woo to announce Metroid film at NYC Comic-Con

Some random dude with a random blog on Game Reactor is reporting that John Woo is set to announce a Metroid film at next week’s Comic-Con in New York City. The report also states that the film will star Bloodrayne actress Kristanna Loken, and is accompanied by a suspicious-looking grainy image of an “alleged” poster with the date “05.02.09” on it.

Everything from the source to the image points to this being a case of wishful thinking, but the John Woo connection is not completely out of the blue. The Hollywood Reporter ran a piece saying that Woo optioned the rights to bring Metroid to the big screen … in 2004. Since then, there hasn’t been a single Woo film to see release, but he did oversee production and directorial duties on a videogame, Midway’s Stranglehold. His first feature-length film in five years, Red Cliff — a movie about the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China — is scheduled to hit theaters this year. 

While this rumor may have zero merit, it’s a good opportunity to open up the floor — tell us about your dream Metroid film. Who would it star? Who would direct? Would it be live-action or CG? We’re dying to know. 

[Via Zentendo]


Nick Chester