Rumortoid: Is this what we can expect to see in future Castle Crashers DLC?

The enterprising posters over at the GameFAQs message board for Castle Crashers have unearthed a little gem. While it hasn’t been ascertained where it came from, a very large image featuring an alleged 206 art assets wound up on the site. I say “alleged” because, as you can see from the above image, a few of them have yet to be seen in the released game.

Some people are suggesting that these are items and characters that will be appearing in the promised DLC. It certainly appears to be compelling evidence, as we already know that the King, the Necromancer and the chainsaw are due to be included with that pack. Of note are the two new animal orbs and a sword that posters on GameFAQs have referred to as coming from Newgrounds Rumble.

Until we receive confirmation on these items, I’m still chalking it up as rumor. I would really like to get my mitts on that baby seal animal orb and take him clubbing. Check out the full-sized image in the gallery.

[Via – Thanks, TrailerParkJesus!]



Conrad Zimmerman