Rumortoid: Is Microsoft giving away Marketplace points?

Okay, this is a weird one. Hexus is reporting that some Xbox Live users are turning on their consoles to find either a terrible or beautiful thing. Some users are reporting that they have received 500 free Marketplace points for no apparent reason whatsoever. Some users are reporting that they have lost 500 Marketplace points upon checking their data.

Hexus took a stab at the free points and supposed that it may have been a result of pre-ordering Grand Theft Auto IV. If you remember, upon pre-ordering the game, users were supposed to get 500 Marketplace points to download the GTA IV content whenever it arrived. Some of their users are reporting that they didn’t pre-order the game, nor even own it.

I haven’t gained or lost any Marketplace points. My girlfriend’s account on the same Xbox 360 hasn’t either. Have you lost or gained any points? Tell us.

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