Rumortoid: Hulu for Xbox 360 to be announced at E3

While I’d ask that you keep this filed as a rumor, this one sounds like it could easily be true, as does any new feature addition to consoles these days. And I’m sure that Hulu wants to be everywhere, just like Netflix is.

The folks at Gear Live are saying that popular commercial-supported television streaming website Hulu will be available on the Xbox 360, and that is one of Microsoft’s surprises for E3, set to kick off about a week and a half from today. They say that they’ve heard from a “very reliable source” that MS will unveil Hulu at E3. It will be in the Xbox 360’s dashboard, much like Netflix is now, and they’re saying that it will require a subscription fee. So far, there’s no word on what will be accessible and how much this all will cost you. Hopefully not much, as Hulu is free on our computers.

Destructoid will be there at Microsoft’s Media Briefing on the 14th. We’ll let you know more about Hulu as soon as we do.

Exclusive: Hulu coming to Xbox Live at E3 [Gear Live]

Dale North