Rumortoid: Guild Wars 2 character preview coming soon

Guild Wars 2 has been more or less concealed in a shroud of mystery since its initial announcement last year, but most GW players have simply enjoyed the Eye of the North expansion and kind of waited patiently for more word on the elusive sequel. However, Destructoid has just recieved word from an internal source that the Guild Wars team will be proudly unveiling the character art for Guild Wars 2 later this week.

Supposedly the unveil will take place in-game, but the team was tight lipped about any further information. As the source asked to be kept private, we can only post this as a rumor, but it’s sure to set a fair share of Guild Wars players wondering what is coming next, if anything. It certainly is past due, if it is true. While Guild Wars has enjoyed a smaller following than that king of MMOs, World of Warcraft, the fanbase certainly is a dedicated one. Would you be excited to see new Guild Wars 2 previews, or are all MMOs more of the same to you?

Colette Bennett