Rumortoid: GTA IV episode to be released as boxed product for $20?

Rockstar recently revealed its new Grand Theft Auto IV downloadable episode, The Lost and Damned, and there is a rumor that the expansion will not just be available via the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Priced at $20, a boxed “version” of the episode is currently listed by GameStop. According to the listing, The Lost and Damned will include a 2-sided poster and “an Xbox LIVE Marketplace token card. The token card will contain a unique code to purchase The Lost and Damned over the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.”

How interesting. Choose to use GameStop as a bizarre middle man, and get a poster. Does that sound like a tempting enough deal for you at twenty bucks, or will you just stick with the convenience of the Marketplace? That is, if you can even get it without this weird code.

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