Rumortoid: Google TV coming to PS3

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I don’t know about this rumor. It would be nice, but Google TV’s whole thing is that it controls your cable box with fancypants video passthru and IR control, giving you the ability to search and watch both web and television content through their software. Still, there are rumors that Google TV could be coming to the PS3 in Spring of 2011. 

Sony already has a relationship with Google, which was made clear with their newly released Google TVs and and settop Blu-ray box. We’re with Tom’s Guide in the hopes that Google TV would bring apps to the PlayStation 3 in one huge bundle including YouTube, Facebook,, Twitter and others. I’d also love to see Google’s Chrome replace the broken PS3 browser. I don’t know how the searchable television functions would work without a HDMI passthru video port, though. Maybe they could offer some kind of upgrade box. 

Nothing sounds very solid at this point. While it would be nice, I don’t know how they could pull this off. 

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