Rumortoid: Google Overlords looking to buy Valve (Update)

“Well placed sources” tell The Inquirer that mega-corporation Skynet Google is looking to acquired darling independent developer Valve. According to the report, the deal could happen “any second now.” We’ll wait …

Nope, nothing yet. 

The acquisition would make some sense. With Google looking to get into the digital distribution space, Valve having already nearly dominated it with Steam (at least on the PC side), they could work well together. This past August, in a conversation with Gamasutra, Valve’s Doug Lombardi stated that they’d be open to acquisition, given the right suitor. 

I’m not really for or against such an acquisition, but the number of things I use that are already stamped with the Google logo is frightening.

[Via CVG]

[Update: It seems Valve and Google (refusing to comment on rumors and speculation) have squashed this one for now; no need to merge your Gmail and Steam accounts just yet.]

Nick Chester