Rumortoid: Free Radical locking its doors?

Here’s a rather strange (and dismaying) rumor that has recently surfaced on the Eurogamer forums. According to a poster there, Free Radical Design employees are currently sitting at a Holiday Inn, wondering why they’ve been locked out of their offices. This sounds like a good old fashioned shut down, if it’s true.

Free Radical is famous for the Timesplitters series and was supposed to be working on a fourth game in the franchise, along with the new Star Wars: Battlefront. Supposedly, the company is no longer answering phone calls and cannot be reached. 

On the one hand, this is an unfounded claim on a message board but on the other, it’s a very bizarre story to just randomly decide to make up.  If true, that’s a real shame, not just for the people employed, but for the ever-declining UK games industry. Hopefully it’s not as bad as it looks, because I don’t want to see another British developer fall apart.

Jim Sterling