Rumortoid: Fez headed to the 360?

We got a load of Fez back around this time last year, when Chad got a gander at it at San Francisco’s Game Developers Convention. Fans that have kept up with the pretty little title may notice the interesting little teaser seen above posted on the Polytron Corporation website. The title of the post is “Something awesome this way comes” and it features a smattering of Engrish and a green A button to continue. What could this mean?

Commenters seem to think it means Fez may be released on the Xbox 360. Exciting, indeed, as fans of all things retro have been waiting some time to hear more on this fascinating looking title. There’s nothing confirmed, of course, but it certainly looks like a promising tease. Let’s keep an eye on Polytron in hopes we’ll get some concrete evidence on this soon!

[Via 1Up]

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