Rumortoid: Fable 2 Collector’s Edition gets even smaller [Update]

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According to a Kotaku source, it appears as though the Fable 2: Collector’s Edition is about to get even smaller. A letter from Microsoft getting passed around by UK retailer GAME tells a story of woe, toil, and strife. According to the letter, the developer diary and soundtrack will no longer be included on the bonus DVD.

We have recently contacted you regarding a marketwide problem with the Fable II Collectors Edition. We have since been informed by Microsoft that there has been a further complication. They have advised us that the developer diary and soundtrack are no longer going to be available on the bonus DVD.

The last time we talked Fable 2 Collector’s Edition it was under the unfortunate circumstance of the set being trimmed as a result of “supply chain issues.” Consumers who preordered the bundle got a $10.00 price reduction for missing out on a premium box, five printed cards, and a Hobbe figurine. Now, it looks as if the only thing collector about the special edition of Fable 2 will be the bonus in game content.

Is there any point to the pre-order anymore? Are the Spartan armor and energy sword that awesome? We’ve sought contact with Microsoft about this newest problem and are eagerly awaiting response.

[UPDATE: According to Lionhead’s official blog today, the above information from that circulated letter is erroneous. No further cuts have been made to Fable 2: Collector’s Edition. Thanks goes to TnS for giving us the heads up.]

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