Rumortoid: EA to launch a YouTube-like video portal

The way I see it, we only need one video service. But it makes sense that other companies want to try it out for themselves. If the rumors pan out to be true, EA will have a company-specific video service up on their website soon.

A source tells The BBPS that EA is working to launch a portal that will let users upload videos of gaming strategies and achievements. There will be a video ranking feature, and a “follow” service will mimic Twitter’s function of letting users know about others’ activities. This is supposed to follow under a new “tips and tricks” tab on the EA website. They guess that we’ll hear more about this service at E3. 

EA definitely makes enough games of their own to have a EA-specific video portal. If it’s real, I wonder how it would be monitored. I’m already tempted to upload my greatest Guitar Hero accomplishments.

Would you use an EA-specific video portal? Do you think they even care if you said you wouldn’t?

Dale North