Rumortoid: DJ Hero is what you think, Jazzy Jeff unconfirmed

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According to a posting by Kotaku, UK-based developer FreeStyleGames (B-Boy) has been working on DJ Hero for the last two years. The game will allegedly feature a simplified turntable and a mode that allows for the usage of Guitar Hero guitars for “versus mode face-offs.” The music in the game will be a collection of mash-ups which, one would suppose, players could scratch up using the turntable peripheral.

The largest draw to the game will be the turntable peripheral, and from the way it is described, sounds pretty ready to go. The turntable will feature a “platter” for scratching and three buttons for sampling. It will also incorporate a “cross fader and sound effects dial.” To make sure that you’re comfortable, the peripheral supposedly has grooves on the bottom of it for your legs.

The interface for the game seems fairly unique. Apparently musical notes will float in a semi-circle (halfway around a virtual record). To hit these notes, players will have to use a coordinating dial and scratch as the notes light up.

As with any rumor, take this with a grain of salt. I do think that this seems pretty legitimate considering the detail and source, but the gameplay sounds absolutely atrocious. Notes floating down a screen in Guitar Hero I understand, but how would a game evaluate if you were scratching correctly? My cat typically purrs, but I don’t think DJ Hero will give me that indicator.

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