Rumortoid: Disaster: Day of Crisis heads to the States after all?

After lackluster sales in both Europe and Japan, and a tongue-lashing from the Regginator himself, it looked like Disaster: Day of Crisis would never have the chance to bring its terrorist-blasting, CPR-pumping ways to the USA. Disaster is of the few games published by Nintendo to feature absolutely no Sci-Fi/Fantasy elements or cartoony characters, and instead bases it’s world around the pseudo-reality found in most big budget Hollywood blockbusters. To deny a game like that US localization would be a huge slap in the face to the Bad Boys 2 loving American public, and a surefire way to lose money.

Disaster may be another mini-game collection, but the mini-games here involve using Mario Kart Wii-style steering-wheel controls to drive a sports car away from a rushing wave of molten lava, and using the Wii remote’s pointer functionality to aim a shotgun at baby bears. Does that sound like a game that wouldn’t do well in the USA?

Well, it looks like Dervin Camden of NoA agrees with me, as he’s reportedly sending out emails stating that Disaster: Day of Crisis is coming to the States after all. Don’t believe me? Then why not drop Dervin a line yourself? Best case scenario you get some inside info on NoA’s release schedule, worst case scenario you get to interact with a guy named “Dervin”. 

Dervin is a guy’s name, right?

[via Gonintendo

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