Rumortoid: Chipset info on next DS, PSP2

Nerdy gamers like myself want to know a bit about the electronic guts inside their gaming systems. I can still rattle off some of the specs of the last few generations of systems, in fact. And if you’re anything like me, these rumors on the next portable generation’s chipsets will be interesting.

DS – Word is that the next DS wil be using an Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset, which gives it about twice the power of the currently available system. We heard earlier that this chipset will provide backwards compatibility. That’s always good.

PSP – The next PSP is rumored to be rocking a fancier version of the iPhone’s IMG PowerVR chip. There’s a few potential issues for this chipset, though. One is that it won’t ship until 2011. Another is that it may be more difficult to develop for. Oh, Sony.

I feel dirty for thinking about the next systems with my current gen ones sitting here looking at me right now.

[via engadget]

Dale North