Rumortoid: Bungie developing an iPhone game

Ever since the firmware update allowed me to make lightsaber sounds by swinging around my iPhone, I have been pondering the vast possibilities of games and applications on the device. One thing that I haven’t considered is a game being developed by Bungie. This latest Bungie rumor isn’t as juicy as pulled footage, but it still sounds cool. According to PocketGamer, the developer recently gave all of its employees free iPhones. Of course, the natural conclusion to such a gift isn’t that the company was just rewarding its talented developers. It’s the possibility that the gift may be prepping the team for a run at development on the device.

Of course, there is absolutely zero substantiation to this at all. It’s just a pleasant thought to have. My experience with iPhone applications thus far has shown me that the iPhone is capable of having prettier and smarter games. The only problem is that the games are ultimately still cell phone games. They’re designed from the outset to be simple and only slightly challenging. In other words, I wouldn’t expect Marathon or a Halo title.

Would you guys like to see Bungie jump on the iPhone train? What do you think they could create? Or do you think the developer just needs to keep working on its big boy titles instead?

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