Rumortoid: BioShock 2 to have multiplayer mode

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As great as BioShock was, were you one of the many to complain that it didn’t have multiplayer? 2K Boston has heard your cries. 

According to a job profile found over at Gamasutra, the team working on the sequel to last year’s critically acclaimed game are seeking an experienced designer to lead their multiplayer team. Let’s repeat that: an experience designer to lead their multiplayer team.

While it’s possible that 2K Boston are working on another title that’s not a BioShock sequel, the description goes out of its way to mention the original saying, “BioShock had no multi-player mode. We don’t believe in throwing in something that can’t go head to head with the big boys. No applicants will be considered who aren’t able to demonstrate they’ve got the skills to build an industry-changing multiplayer design.”

Applicants are also expected to be familiar with the BioShock universe and other 2K Boston/Irrational products. Someone has some big expectations to meet. We’ll see if the bar is raised when 2K officially reveals BioShock 2

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