Rumortoid: Big Mommies in BioShock 2?

A new rumor has surfaced suggesting that less lumbering, more female versions of the original Big Daddies could be making their debut in BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams. The gossip concerns what is being described as an “Amazonian” version of the Big Daddy, with a more sleek and feminine look.

That’s all there is to go on right now, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I imagine 2K will be looking at ways to switch up the original game, and a female Big Daddy is a pretty easy, if somewhat lazy, way of doing so. If this is indeed true, one can reasonably expect to hear about it at GDC or E3. 2K’s marketing department is already gearing up to hype this tentatively-awaited sequel, so we’ll find out if this is bunk soon enough. 

As for the game, I’m still not expecting much. I hope of course to be pleasantly surprised, but my cynical eyes in turn see a cynical sequel cash-in. Fingers crossed that 2K Marin can follow up on Ken Levine’s original with an equally magnificent game. Fingers crossed so hard that they’re starting to bleed, in fact.

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