Rumortoid: announcement of a huge PS3 exclusive coming

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I’m down with people reporting on inside information, but leading me on is another thing. According to PlayStationLifestyle, Sony will announce an awesome, jaw-dropping, amazing, and very exclusive title for the PS3 on August 3. Past that, we only have the clues that that game is not a RPG, FPS, or a Twisted Metal title. Also, the game is slated for late 2009. That certainly narrows down the list, doesn’t it?

So, while we’re waiting with bated breath for this alleged announcement, let’s speculate a little bit. Personally, I’m hoping that this won’t be another God of War III thing, where we just stare at the protagonist’s sweaty CG brow and left to wonder if anything will really be new or exciting. I would love to see some crazy LocoRoco console version, or even a sequel to Primal. Perhaps this time we can have less chick and more demons.

Really though, if you stare at a list of Sony properties, the biggest titles that have been curiously missing of late are the ones done by Team Ico. I could easily see a new Shadows of the Colossus coming to the console. It’s known that the developer has been working on a PS3 title for some time now, so it’s hard to believe that this announcement wasn’t going to come at some point. If the information is legit, what games are you guys thinking?

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