Rumortoid: All models of the Xbox 360 to get price drops next month

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We’re just seeing the 60GB Xbox 360s on sale now and already there’s word of a price drop for it as well as the Arcade and Elite Xbox 360s. Ars Technica received word from a mole (who looked like the Joker) that all versions of the Xbox 360 will see price drops sometime in September. The harddriveless Arcade will go down to $199, the 120GB Elites will go down to $399 and the brand new 60GB Xbox 360s will drop down to $299, which is the current price for the dead 20GB Xbox 360s.

Ars also reveals that the upcoming Platinum Hits version of Forza 2 will include all of the DLC tracks and that there will be game bundled Xbox 360s for the holiday season. 

You would think these kinds of announcements would have been made during E3 now, wouldn’t you? It’s also very odd that the 60GB would drop down in price so soon. If you’ve been wanting to pick up the 60GB, I suggest you hang on to the receipt and buy from a big name store like Best Buy or Costco. That way, you can at least get credited back the difference if the price drop really happens next month. 

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