Rumored PSP-4000 details: Wait, do we really need ANOTHER one?

The PSP-3000 was only released last year, but Sony is intent on beating a dead horse by announcing yet another new model for the disappointing handheld. After years of promises and only a handful of developers interested in the system, the PSP’s new model has officially entered the realm of farce.

The PSP-4000 is allegedly going to get a “complete aesthetic overhaul,” meaning that this one will look radically different from the others. Because of course, that’s been the PSP’s problem all along, right? The way it looked?

The biggest change here is the sliding front screen, meaning it will closely resemble famous concept image that some thought heralded a PSP successor system (pictured). 

These ridiculous console revamps must be making Sony money, which is why they’re just remaking the same machine instead of putting some games out for the bloody thing. That’s kind of sad considering a new PSP game worth playing only appears once every six months. I honestly can’t believe we’re getting another PSP remake, but it seems that no matter how cynical you are in this industry, a game company will find a way to make you feel naive. 

Still, my PSP is looking rather the worse for wear …

Jim Sterling