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Rumored Nvidia RTX 4080 SUPER now spotted on a hardware repository

Still not officially confirmed yet, though.

We seem to be getting closer and closer to knowing whether Nvidia is planning a SUPER variant of the RTX 4080. While it’s not yet been confirmed to be in development, the supposed new model has been seen on an ID repository site.

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As reported by PC Gamer, the unannounced RTX 4080 SUPER is now listed on PCI ID, a third-party database that lists hardware info. This particular entry was uploaded a few days ago, showing not only that it’ll be a SUPER rather than a Ti, but that it’ll utilize the AD103 chip.

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Obviously, details about it are scarce at the moment. With speculations hotting up for this slightly souped up 4080, Nvidia may want to make a statement about it soon.

A (Ge)force to be reckoned with

Until we know for sure what’s going on with the refreshed card, we can only go off leaks and rumors. It was suggested recently that the alleged Nvidia RTX 4080 SUPER would sport 20GB of VRAM. It also said that it would use the full AD102 chip, the same one the 4090 is built on.

However, if what the repository says is true, then it may be the AD103 instead, which is in-line with the current RTX 4080 model. The report from PC Gamer goes on to say that the SUPER could contain around 5.3% more shaders, based on hardware knowledge.

If it does come to fruition, it will likely offer a bit more juice than its regular RTX 4080 counterpart. However, if past experience is anything to go by – looking at you, RTX 3090 Ti – Nvidia may mark it up beyond what its specs suggest it’s actually worth.

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