Rumor: Yu Suzuki making a fighting game for PS Move

Japanese development icon Yu Suzuki is possibly getting ready to jump on the HD waggle bandwagon, with a one-on-one fighting game in the works, exclusively for the PS3. It will allegedly incorporate the PlayStation Move, and is apparently based on a title that Sega had previously canceled. 

According to ANONYMOUS SOURCES, Suzuki will reveal his game at E3. The fighter is based on “real human interaction and competition,” but that’s all we know about the title so far. It’s being speculated that the game will be Psy-Phi, a title that was released in arcades before being mysteriously recalled and then canceled for consoles. 

Until more solid details arrive, this is filed firmly in the rumor section. Still, with Suzuki always ready to do something unique, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him hiding something Move-flavored up his sleeve.

Yu Suzuki Bringing Formerly Canceled Game to Playstation 3 [Go Fanboy]

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