Rumor: White and Pink DSi coming stateside

Saying that the DSi is going to be released in more colors is on the same level of speculation as predicting that the sun is going to come up tomorrow. Sure, it’s possible that you’re wrong but Vegas is unlikely to bother calculating those odds.

Kotaku currently has some evidence to suggest that it’s happening pretty soon: a Toys R Us database entry listing SKUs for the handheld devices in pink and white. The release date portion of the printout has been covered, so we don’t have any sort of exact date and, while this could be fake, who would waste their time producing a document falsely claiming something like this?

Nintendo is pulling their typical, “no comment” routine on the info. So, with no official confirmation, I’m still putting this up as a rumor. But, come on, we all know it’s true in our hearts and that should be enough.

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