Rumor: Uncharted 3 to be announced at VGA awards

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The Spike Video Game Awards are as good a place as any to announce a new game, I guess. The rumor is that one of the bigger franchises will get a reveal on the December 11th show. Kotaku heard that it’s going to be Naughty Dog announcing Uncharted 3. They say that some press have already played the unannounced title.

Speaking of an early hands-on opportunity, this rumor fits right in line with a media-only event hosted by Sony the next day. Many in the gaming press have received a “save the date” notice for a Sony event on the 12th. What are we seeing there? We don’t know yet, but I think you and I are on the same page with our guesses. The notice says that it’s an “exclusive PlayStation 3 reveal.” Hmm.

Also, remember that the last Uncharted title was first shown off at the VGAs back in 2008.

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