Rumor: The developer of The Division is making a battle royale game

Of course they are

Like every industry, the gaming scene moves in waves. It might take a long time to pump out a game but by God, some studios are going to go with what’s popular — and while some genres have withstood the test of time (FPS, platformers), some haven’t.

MOBAs are still around, sure, but there’s only room for so many active development MOBAs at once, and many, even projects from big studios injecting tons of cash into them, have failed. That’s where the battle royale genre, the new cash cow, comes in.

According to Game Reactor, Massive Entertainment of Sweden, the very same developers that worked on The Division and are toiling away at The Division 2, are planning a battle royale game. Based on their alleged inside source, Ubisoft specifically requested their studios to look into a battle royale title in January, and Massive answered the call, saying that they could figure something out in a short amount of time.

Yeah, they could easily be referring to re-using The Division assets for a spinoff Division battle royale.

The Division devs are working on a Battle Royale game [Game Reactor]

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