Rumor: Tecmo Bowl Throwback hitting PSN, XBLA (update)

EA Sports revealed a new NBA Jam game for the Wii on Monday, and now we’ve got rumors of another “update” of a classic sports franchise. A source leaked details to Joystiq of a game called Tecmo Bowl Throwback for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. You might remember that when Tecmo announced last spring that they were indefinitely shelving Tecmo Bowl Wii, they also said that Tecmo Bowl would be making its way to Xbox Live Arcade in spring 2010. (If this Tecmo Bowl-related stuff sounds familiar, it’s probably because of 2008’s Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff, a DS adaptation of Tecmo Super Bowl.)

It would appear that Tecmo Bowl Throwback is that game, except now it’s coming to PSN as well as XBLA. Joystiq’s source says that Throwback is an HD remake of the original Tecmo [Super] Bowl for NES; it will feature the same team statistics and plays as that game, but it will have a new soundtrack. Throwback will reportedly also include the ability to play Tecmo Bowl in all its original 8-bit glory, and you’ll apparently be able to create your own custom teams, too.

TOUCH. DOWN. Assuming the rumors are true, are you guys excited?

Rumor: ‘Tecmo Bowl Throwback’ coming to XBLA, PSN [Joystiq]
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[Update: Joystiq’s source has confirmed that Throwback will be based on Tecmo Super Bowl, not the original Tecmo Bowl. Who’s pumped for the return of Tecmo Bo? -Samit]

Samit Sarkar