Rumor: Taylor Swift, Adam Levine in Band Hero

More or less confirming a rumor we’ve been keeping quiet about, the BBFC is hinting that country pop singer Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 singer/guitarist Adam Levine will be appearing in Activision’s upcoming game, Band Hero.

The BBFC listing details two in-game movie clips, one featuring Swift and another Levine; both Swift and Maroon 5 songs have already been confirmed by Activision for the game. Given the publisher’s penchant for adding star power (no pun intended) to its music titles, this seems to make a bit of sense. We can already hear the tween girls hooting and hollering at the official announcement. 

Band Hero is scheduled to ship this fall, featuring music by Janet Jackson, Lily Allen, Marvin Gaye, and other top 40 success stories.

[Thanks, power-glove!]

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