Rumor: Super Mario Odyssey arriving in November as Nintendo increases Switch production

Seems likely

3D Mario platformers tend to have a sterling reputation (outside of maybe the contentious Sunshine), so folks are understandably excited for Super Mario Odyssey. The thing is it doesn’t have a release date outside of the fourth quarter of 2017 — but a recent report might hint at what’s to come.

By way of the same sources that spoke to the Financial Times regarding Nintendo’s efforts to sell 18 million units by the end of March 2018, they also noted that Super Mario Odyssey is set for a November release. Given that Nintendo has confirmed that they’re dedicated a major amount of time to Odyssey at E3, we’ll probably get the date then anyway.

That date does make perfect sense though. If Nintendo is really going to ensure that they meet demand later this year, what better game (besides Zelda) could help them peddle units? I’m mostly just curious to see if it’ll top Galaxy 2 — which is probably the best Mario since 64.

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