Rumor: Star Wars: Battlefront Online in pre-production

Put away the hankies and stop the crying over the reported death of Star Wars: Battlefront III. There may be a “new hope” for the battle just yet. 

According to Kotaku’s sources, LucasArts is currently working with Slant Six Games (SOCOM Confrontation, the upcoming SOCOM Fire Team Bravo 3) on a Battlefront Online title. Reported to be in pre-production, the title would online only, and would hit shelves in 2011. 

It should be noted that the rumors suggest the game is only in pre-production, which means it could never official get off the ground. But it’s a nice though, isn’t it?

Rumor: SOCOM Devs Working On “Star Wars: Battlefront Online” [Kotaku]


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