Rumor: Square Enix eyeing September release for Final Fantasy XV

Makes sense

The Japanese-centric outlet Gematsu has shared the news that Final Fantasy XV may have a September 30 release date. This has been corroborated by three independent sources of theirs, and Gematsu itself has been reliable when it comes to dealings with Square Enix.

We’ll all find out soon enough with the “Uncovered” event live in LA on March 30, but for now, this actually seems plausible. September is a relatively dead month right now, leaving XV as the only major scheduled release during that time. Plus, if Square is confident enough to etch a release date into history later this month, it stands to reason that the game is mostly done — due in part to the fact that Square even said back in December that its build was “playable from start to finish.”

Rumor: Final Fantasy XV launches September 30 [Gematsu]

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