Rumor: Sadness news coming this holiday

I’m not sure I could describe the look on my face as I’m typing this. It’s probably somewhere between disbelief in the fact that I am indeed writing about Sadness, the eternally delayed/probably doesn’t exist Wii game from developer Nibris, and laughter.

The game has been canceled, had its site taken down and the developer ridiculed, and yet Nibris’s YouTube channel (believed to be official by GoNintendo) updated with this comment: “Greeting, Significant progress is being made on our Flagship title, Sadness. Expect update by holiday 2010.”

BWWWWWUUHHHHH!? Maybe with Duke Nukem Forever actually coming out Nibris thought the world needed a true piece of eternal vaporware. I must admit, ever since Gearbox said they were actually making Forever I’ve felt something missing from my life.

Is there anyone out there who still thinks this is a game that will actually be released?

RUMOR – Nibris to update status of Sadness before year closes out [GoNintendo]

Matthew Razak