Rumor: PSP2 has touch screen, two cameras, f*cking power

The PlayStation Portable has had an up-and-down kind of life ever since it released half a decade ago. Sony, however, is not a company to let PR setbacks, a lack of third party support, or crap reiterations of the same system keep a brand down, and that’s why the PSP2 is all but certain. It also sounds like the next generation of the PSP will kick arse, if the gossip’s to be believed.

According to reports, the PSP2 will feature a touch screen, which won’t be a surprise given Microsoft and Sony’s tendency to copy everything Nintendo does. It will, however, keep its traditional buttons, and it’ll also feature both a front-facing and back-facing camera. Some sources also claim they’ll be shocked if the PSP2 supports any physical media, with speculation that it may also be 3G enabled. 

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s being said UK developers already have their hands on the system and are making games as we speak. Although E3 may be too early to reveal it, Gamescom or TGS seem like possible stages for the system, which is allegedly planned for a 2011 release. Finally, as source is quoted as saying that the PSP2 is “f*cking powerful” with a four-core Cell CPU. Basically half as powerful as a PS3. 

Exciting stuff, but how true is it? We don’t know, and Sony won’t say. Typical. 

PSP2: Touch-screen, two cameras, games for “end 2010, beginning 2011″ [VG247]

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