Rumor: Prince of Persia film concept art?

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The Prince is coming strong with the art this week

Italian film site, Bad Taste, has posted images they claim to be pre-production concept art from the upcoming film based on UbiSoft’s Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. The images were supposedly yanked from a Disney investors guide.

The film was announced sometime ago, with super-producer Jerry Bruckheimer attached. According to IMDB, Bruckheimer is known for having cars flip in his film, so maybe we can expect a horse flipping scene (which would be totally sweet). The film is being penned by Jeffrey Nachmanoff and if the IMDB listing is to be believed, will star Charlie Clausen as the Prince.

The validity of these images is still up in the air; but if Niero gets a cease and desist order from Disney or I wake up with a severed horse head in my bed, we’ll have our answers soon enough.

[Via JoBlo]

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