Rumor: Premium PSN reveal at E3, one ‘free’ game a month

According to ANONYMOUS SOURCES, Sony is set to finally announce the long-rumored “premium” PlayStation Network service at this year’s E3. While online gameplay will still be free, Sony is said to be lining up a number of privileges and benefits for a service that will allegedly cost less than fifty quid a year.

The big news is that PSN will offer subscribers one free game from a choice of two to four every month. The ANONYMOUS SOURCE notes that this will lead to subscribers more or less breaking even on their annual fees, although that all depends on what gamea will be given away. 

A streaming music service in the same vein as Spotify is also alleged to be on the cards, with music that may run in the background while playing games. However, the rumors of cross-game chart being reserved for the new subscription model are not true, according to the secret squirrel. 

Exciting stuff if true, and we haven’t got long before we find out whether it is. In the meantime, let’s indulge the rudderless speculation and ask — would you pay for that?

Premium PSN plans for E3 reveal, to cost “less than £50 per year” [VG247]

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