Rumor: Nintendo Switch will finally get the GameCube Virtual Console

I’ll take Twin Snakes, even if only first-party is confirmed

For years, people thought that the GameCube would make an appearance on the Wii U. Hell, people even hacked the thing to do it, but a true Virtual Console never really came to fruition.

The Virtual Console in general is weird as hell, as someone who has bought into every recent Nintendo generation at launch, and seen it through until the end. It starts off rocky with nearly nothing on it, and it dies rocky right after Nintendo starts moving on to the next thing. I’d love to see a world where the Big N, and other third parties, stick with it years later to some degree of success.

Well, they might be trying their hand yet again with the Switch next year. According to Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips, he has “at least” three sources that start that the GameCube Virtual Console for Switch “is indeed a thing.” His sources claim that the three games that are already prepped are Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. The GameCube Animal Crossing is supposedly in the pipeline (with the NES minigames).

Rumor has it that rather than offer a cross-buy program for folks who already bought old VC games (NES is specifically mentioned), Nintendo, being Nintendo, is of course going with the “upgrade fee” concept, where you have to pay a smaller price again (like they did on Wii U). With their competitors already making backward compatibility (Microsoft) and cross-buy strides (Sony), I’d hate to see this happen yet again.

On the subject of the all-new GameCube VC though — Twin Snakes please! Even though it’s highly unlikely given Konami’s recent disdain for all things video games.

Sources: Nintendo Switch will have GameCube Virtual Console support [Eurogamer]

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