Rumor: Nintendo magazine claims that Pokemon Switch will be a new generation

Salt, meet grain

The new Pokemon is as exciting as hell. We’re finally getting a fully-fledged console Pokemon that isn’t an arena-style variant, and if the Switch really takes off and spawns a Switch 2.0 or a future Switch 2, consoles could be the future home for the series for a long while. Nintendo and Game Freak have said for ages that the franchise was rooted in portability, and now they finally have their excuse.

Yet, we know next to nothing about it. That may have changed this week though, as a Spanish Nintendo magazine seems to confirm that the Switch iteration will be “a new generation,” also known as “Gen 8.” That means it’ll be a completely new thing with new Pokemon, likely a new zone, the whole deal.

Don’t get too excited though as this particular magazine has been incorrect in the past (on several topics, like claiming players would be able to visit the Sinnoh region in Ultra Sun and Moon), which is why we’re labeling this as a rumor.

Obviously, take this with a grain of salt. Given their track record they could very easily be incorrect, but if I had to put money on whether or not the new Pokemon was a reboot, remake, extended Ultra Alola generation, or a new generation entirely — I’d place my bets on the latter.

Ahnabella [Twitter via Reddit]

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