Rumor: Nintendo DS carts going out of production worldwide

Say it ain’t so

[Update: The tweet has since been removed, but this lines up with the announcement from Nintendo that the original DS model will no longer be serviced starting April 30.]

The Nintendo DS came out in 2004 do you feel old yet?, and Nintendo has been pumping out DS carts ever since. Until now, that is, according to retailer Video Games Plus.

A recent tweet from the company claims that Nintendo has “discontinued production of DS carts worldwide,” quickly noting that they have “exclusive restocks” coming soon. While this could easily just be a marketing ploy for a surge in sales, we reached out to Nintendo directly to see what the deal is.

I mean, it makes perfect sense, especially if sales for original DS hardware and software have bottomed out due to the mobile industry over the years. The next era of Nintendo portables is likely already in production anyway.

VGP [Twitter] 

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