Rumor: New studio at work on Apocalypse Now game

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Killspace Entertainment, an officially unannounced game development company consisting of former employees of Red 5, Obsidian, Pandemic and EA LA might be hard at work on a game based on Francis Ford Coppola’s Vietnam war epic, Apocalypse Now.

The evidence? First is the knowledge that the company out of Calabasas, California has a project based on a licensed IP. But that could be anything. The real meat is in the recent registration of “,” which bears the company’s name as the registering organization. The thematically similar “” has also been registered.

I can see how this classic film can be made into a game. I just can’t see the why apart from cashing in. Even now, I foresee the immensely sad irony that will come as teenagers laugh uproariously at the scene where Kilgore napalms the tree line so his men can go surfing. God willing, they’ll skip on the minigame there.

Apocalypse Now Game May Be Coming from Former Mercenaries, Saboteur Devs [1Up]

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