Rumor: New SSX games on the horizon

The SSX series of snowboarding games has only appeared in this console generation once, in the abysmal SSX Blur for Wii. With four titles to its credit prior to that, it’s surprising that no other games have materialized. 

Perhaps the long silence will soon be at an end. Superannuation worked their magic and dredged up a series of domain registrations referencing the series with the phrases “Deadly Descent” and “First Descent,” indicating possible subtitles. 

Whether there’s an actual game is purely speculative at this point. Electronic Arts has made no announcement of any new SSX games. The domains were registered last month by a corporate registrar, so while we have no direct means of linking them to EA it’s a fairly safe bet that they are behind it. 

Who is excited at the prospect of some new and extreme downhill action?

EA registers SSX: Deadly Descent [CVG]

Conrad Zimmerman