Rumor: Multiplayer could be next for Mass Effect

Multiplayer and Mass Effect in the same sentence? Huh!? My primitive mind struggles to fathom such a concept. If a job listing from BioWare Montreal calling for multiplayer programmers to work on the “Mass Effect universe” is to be believed — which, really, why the heck wouldn’t it be? — then fans are in for a treat.

Should such a thing come to fruition, there are a bunch of ways multiplayer can be handled, all of which are completely ambitious. We also have to keep in mind these rumblings don’t necessarily mean “multiplayer confirmed for Mass Effect 3,” since this could be referring to a potential side project as well.

If there’s one thing the recently released Red Dead Redemption has taught us, it’s that online matches consisting of modes other than kill a bunch of dudes because I said so and continuously capture not-flags are tremendously delightful.

Cruising around with your buddies in Mass Effect — how could you not want that?

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Jordan Devore
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