Rumor: Modern Warfare 2 gets third-person (Update)

Modern Warfare 2 is, first and foremost, a first-person-shooter, but leaked gameplay footage seems to reveal that Infinity Ward’s latest guaranteed success will be providing some out of body experiences in the form of a brand new third-person viewpoint. According to reports, somebody managed to nab a PS3 version of the game and started live-streaming it to the public. This is where the big reveal was made.

As you can see from the video, it’s Modern Warfare, but not was we know it. According to a captured screenshot of the game’s multiplayer match list (translated from German), “Third Person Team Deathmatch” is a brand new multiplayer mode that will let you scope out the arse of your grenade-tossing avatar. There is also a “Cage Match Third Person” mode as well, which we imagine is like the other mode … but in a cage.

Exciting fun for all the family, eh? It’s looking quite genuine, but until Infinity Ward confirms it, we’ll relegate it to the rumor bin for now. We’ll keep you updated.

[Update: Infinity Ward has confirmed this third-person mode.]

James Stephanie Sterling