Rumor: Iron Chef heading to Wii, secret ingredient most likely shark fin

Ready your knives and study your obscure cooking techniques, because what you learned in Cooking Mama won’t be nearly enough to prepare you for the battle that awaits in Kitchen Stadium. Over at GoNintendo, they picked up a listing for Iron Chef for the Wii, set at the typical placeholder of $50.

Surely I would have heard of this. Working at Japanator, my senses are attuned to any news that has an inkling of Japan in it. Well, comparing notes with SiliconEra, Destineer grabbed the license late last year — most likely while I was performing in the Monaco Cup. What’s disappointing, though, is that the license that they grabbed was for the U.S. version of the show that airs on Food Network. So, instead of contending against Iron Chef Chen Kenichi (my personal favorite, with a 67-22-3 record), you’ll be duking it out with … Bobby Flay.

The game is likely to come out in late 2008, and so far no real news or anything has come out regarding the game. Do you think it’ll be able to shut down Cooking Mama as the top culinary game for the Wii? Much like the show, I’d expect the game to put a lot of pressure on making inventive dishes using a wide variety of foods at your disposal — a polar opposite to Mama’s simplistic and Rachel Ray-esque cooking style. Personally, I’d like to see Mama go down and bite the dust, mainly because she is a demanding whore.

[Update: Since this game has not officially been announced (and we could not get an official word on its existence), we’ve gone ahead and updated this one as a rumor. When we hear some more information on the title (will the secret ingredient be shark fin?) we’ll keep you posted.]

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