Rumor: Infinity Ward won’t be making Modern Warfare 3

According to mystery sources, Infinity Ward is not interested in making Modern Warfare 3, at least right now. The next project from Activision’s golden boys will apparently be something “completely new.” You can, of course, color us intrigued. 

Where this leaves Modern Warfare 3 is unclear right now. It’s obvious that Activision will want a follow-up in 2011, but if Infinity Ward’s not behind it, then who is? There were rumors a while back that a third studio was going to be brought into the Call of Duty franchise. Perhaps they’ll be taking over Modern Warfare while Infinity Ward does something else. 

Whatever it is, this will be very interesting to see pan out. I’d love to see what else Infinity Ward is capable of, although I wonder how well Modern Warfare would do in the hands of another. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, eh?

Source – Infinity Ward not developing Modern Warfare 3 [VG247]

Jim Sterling