Rumor: House of the Dead Overkill 2 in development

Allow me to momentarily pretend that I believe in God, so I can get on my knees and pray that this is real. A new rumor has surfaced which suggests that a sequel to the deliciously vulgar House of the Dead: Overkill is in development, despite slow sales of the original. Please let this be a thing!

So far, that is all that’s been said. No word on a platform, release date, or anything else. Hopefully, with the PS3 now sporting Move, this game can come to more platforms than just the Wii, and potentially up its potential audience. 

Despite mixed reviews, I absolutely adored the first Overkill. It was crude, stupid, obnoxious and sometimes purely offensive, and that’s what made it so beautiful. Rare is the game that I’m uncomfortable to play in front of the child that lives in my house, but this is one of those games. I would strangle that same child for a sequel. 

Rumour: House of the Dead: Overkill Sequel on the Way [NintendoLife]

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