Rumor: Hitman: Blood Money VA to resume role in Hitman 5

Agent 47 has a voice. And he might have a recognizable one in Hitman 5, if a sleuth-job from a popular Hitman message board proves true. According to a recent post in Hitman Forums, actor extraordinaire David Bateson once had a welcome message on his personal Web site, announcing his involvement in Eidos’ fledgling sequel as the voice of the bald-headed big man, Agent 47.

We’ve been unable to locate the message, and we’re guessing it was pulled down once attention was paid to it, but it seems like a good role for Bateson. He was, after all, the voice of 47 in 2006’s Hitman: Blood Money. Funny — we don’t remember what 47 even sounds like anymore. He sounded pleasant, right? A voice of compassion and kindness?

David Bateson to return for H5 [Hitman Forums, thanks Michi!]

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